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Students, I’m sure you’ve all had the desire to study like crazy, but somehow you couldn’t stick to your goals. With this article, I would like to share with you some tips to help you focus.

1. Time management

“Time is money.” We should plan each day’s schedule early. This has three benefits: first, you won’t waste time because you’ll know what you have to achieve when you wake up; second, your self-confidence will improve because you know exactly what to do at each time; and third, you’ll be able to go to bed with peace of mind because you’ve already written down what you’ll do tomorrow morning.


Ultimate Scientific Time Management – GTD

GTD = Getting Things Done,it means to try one’s best to accomplish everything

  1. Gather tasks: List all the things you have to do today and help you relieve pressure
  2. Organize things by category: sort things by 5 colors in general
  3. Using five colors, the items collected are broadly categorized as follows.
    In two minutes: what can be done in two minutes, must be solved immediately!
    Waiting items: can not be completed within two minutes, need to delegate
    Specific schedule: things that need to be done on a specific date
    Single-step things: things that one can do, but need to be solved as soon as possible
    Multi-step items: things that cannot be done on their own and have to be split into multiple steps
  4. Execution and review: Review the classified items and check whether they have been properly executed.

2. reduce the frequency of leaving your seat

If you keep leaving your seat during the study period, such as chatting with friends, the time will slowly accumulate and become a waste. Therefore, I suggest that you take a 5-minute break for every hour of revision, and have water and snacks at your side.

Online enabled study - RMIT University

3. leave your phone / network

Many people say that the first thing they do after “I want to study” is to look at the phone, which is actually very bad because you will easily be attracted to social networks and it is difficult to focus. The Past Paper can be printed out as early as possible to avoid turning the Internet into a cell phone.

No Wifi Svg Png Icon Free Download (#348739) - OnlineWebFonts.COM

4. Give appropriate incentives

When you reach your goal, you can give yourself half an hour to an hour of free time to relax and release your stress without worrying or feeling guilty. This will stimulate the brain’s reward mechanism and help you continue to focus later.

Reward according to their needs

5. Maintain the performance

Human beings are not robots, so you cannot guarantee that you will be in the best condition every time you study. However, you should try your best to focus on studying, even if it is hard, and keep going. Don’t limit the number of hours you study every day, but plan according to the actual situation and your needs.

Law of Equal Effort: Do Big Things Without Burning Out

Law of Equal Effort. (2021b). Riskology. https://www.riskology.co/equal-effort-theory/

6. The two-minute rule

If something can be done in 2 minutes, do it now! Avoid the brain to remember trivial things for a long time which will occupy the thinking space and reduce the cognitive burden, stress

7. Multitasking

You can make good use of the fragmented, waiting time to complete simple tasks, such as doing multiple-choice questions, memorizing words in Chinese and English synonyms. Multi-tasking is not possible for everyone, and University of California research shows that it affects concentration and reduces motivation!

8. Using technology

  • Alfred → Mac machine efficiency tool, fast file search, and open App
  • Idea Note Voice input notes to instantly jot down your ideas and key points
  • I Remember → let you see the reminder when you unlock the screen

I wish you all can focus on learning, hoping the above tips help you!

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