9 Easy Steps to Recruit More Students This Year

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When COVID-19 hit, the world had to witness a severe lockdown. Apart from a few essential businesses allowed to operate, such as hospitals and supermarkets, many other institutions were forced to close down. 

Malls, cinemas, salons, and that list also includes education institutes. Schools, colleges, and universities were forced into lockdown. Online classes were held, and because of this new adaptation, many students suffered as studying online was collectively new for them.

After almost 6 months, when “everyday” life resumed, and the vaccinations were introduced, people started returning to their routines. However, many students felt the need for extra study help. Their concepts remained uncleared, and the previous years’ courses needed revisions.

Hence, this came as a great opportunity for tutor centres, tutors, and educators to recruit more students and expand their business. At first, the concept of tutoring was moderately low, where only several students required tutoring for courses they needed to improve. However, in a recent study, a trend has been seen that since COVID-19 19, the students’ idea of attending tutor centres has relatively increased. 

Therefore, the number of tutor centres opened has expanded due to the ongoing demand for tutors by educators or attending tutor centres. With this increased competition, it has become slightly difficult for tutor centres to attract and recruit more students to their tutor centres.

Are you an educator who gives tutoring to students or a tutor centre owner?

Regardless, if you are worried about recruiting more students this year, we have all 9 easy steps for you to achieve that. We understand that keeping your tutoring business afloat and running will require you to develop an effective recruiting strategy to attract more students. 

Nevertheless, whether you have the best courses, tutors, or educators in your tutoring centre, it would only make a difference if your services could reach more students and recruit students. To recruit more students, tutors, educators, and tutor centres must learn how to market their services.

So sit back and relax, enjoy a cup of coffee while we list down some of the easy steps for you to recruit more students this year.

Step 1: Give Yourself An Evaluation Of The Previous Year

Before the start of the new year, evaluate your business performance from last year. First, define your target audience. Do you offer tutoring to high school students or university students, or are you targeting a relatively more minor age group? 

Furthermore, do you plan on recruiting local students, or do you plan to recruit international students? Do you offer just onsite tutoring classes? How did that strategy go?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself if you plan to attract more students. Suppose you were targeting a specific age group for tutoring and felt that the tutoring centre earned less profit or you could not recruit more students. In that case, it’s a good idea to expand your target market and target students from different classes. The wider your target market, the more chances you can recruit more students.

Similarly, if you offer onsite tutoring classes, analyse how to improve that strategy. You may need more advertising to recruit students to expand your market. It’s the 21st century, where everything is online, so there is room for improvement. Perhaps recruit international students and offer your tutoring services online.

These are only some of the ways you can recruit more students. The key is to analyse your current services and do a cost and benefit analysis. Then, derive strategies in the current tutor service in your tutor centres; what changes can you make to improve student recruiting?

Step 2: Ask Yourself: Why This Tutoring Center?

Tutoring is a very saturated market, as you might have noticed. Countless educators offer tutoring services, and tutoring centres are open on almost every corner. Just type” tutor centres near me,” and numerous tutor centres appear. That’s why you must outline and define your services for you to recruit students and, most importantly, international students (that’s where the actual earnings would come from).

 Step into students’ shoes and ask yourself, “Why should I avail this tutoring centre’s services?”

You need to set yourself apart from your competitors and offer a unique set of tutoring services that will attract more students. For this new year, to attract new students, highlight the selling points of your tutoring centre. If you don’t have any, it’s your job to develop a proposition and strategy to differentiate you from your competitors. 

Turn your thinking caps on and craft a clear proposition about what my tutor centre is offering that will help me recruit more students.

Step 3:A User-Friendly Website

It’s a modern and digital world where everyone, especially the students, prefers doing everything online, even if it is finding a tutor. They will either choose to register online for a tutoring centre or wish to take online tutoring from an educator. So, if you still don’t have a website, it’s time to make one, especially if you want to recruit international students. 

Also, educators’ and tutor centres’ job is to ensure that their website appears on the search engine once students find a tutoring centre near them. To recruit students, the site first needs to be SEO optimised. The course landing page should contain keywords that students most commonly search for.

Secondly, the website should be user-friendly. If you have a relatively complicated webpage, 80% of students would exit it and find another one. A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website is crucial to tutoring centres and educators recruiting students. 

Lastly, the website should contain all the relevant information. This includes tutors’ expertise, class duration, charges, and tutoring methods. Every detail should be outlined. Every part of the website should consist of calls to action, such as register now, contact, and let’s talk. The registration form, email, and contact number should be visible.

If it’s a student getting themselves a tutor for the first time or an international student getting enrolled in a tuition centre, add previous student testimonials to feel compelled to try your tutoring services. The testimonials would mention how previous students who took your tutoring services improved their understanding of relevant courses and helped them.

Hence, developing a website and including the details mentioned above would enable you to recruit more students.

Step 4: Everyone Loves A Free Trial Session

With the number of tutoring businesses online and endless tutoring tips available, it becomes hard for students to pick a tutor. Furthermore, it becomes even more difficult for students to find a tutoring centre in their busy college and school routine. That’s why take advantage of the vacation period and offer free trial lessons. 

Firstly, during the break, students have time. They are available to attend free trial sessions. This will give your tutoring business online a perfect chance to recruit students and showcase your teaching styles, educators, and expertise to students. This option is ideal for tutoring online businesses that wish to recruit international students. 

Step 5: Host Informational Webinars

One of the most significant advantages of hosting educational and informational webinars is recruiting international students. Onsite webinars limit the audience; hence, with online informative webinars, you can connect with students from different locations without any geographical constraints for online tutoring centres and tutoring businesses. 

You also have the opportunity to choose relevant topics and studies, such as tutoring tips. This will allow you to showcase the expertise and services you have lined up for the tuition centres in the upcoming new year. Through this method, you are engaging and addressing the concerns and topics of students they are currently interested in learning about. 

Webinars also allow students to interact and communicate with tutors and educators. They can directly ask questions, and your tutor business can answer their queries further, offering the students a chance to explore the tutoring services.

Hence, to recruit students, webinars provide an excellent way for tutor centres to build awareness, make connections with students, and demonstrate that they offer quality tutor programs.

Step 6: Market Your Education Business

It’s all about making a brand image for yourself so that your tutor centre is the talk of the town. In digitised education marketing, you must find innovative methods to advertise your business online. As previously discussed, students are likely to look for their tutor business online than walk inside a building. That’s why you need to establish an online platform for student recruitment to showcase your services for the new year. 

Successful strategies include Google Ads and social media advertising. For online advertising, you can target your market. For example, if it’s recruiting international students, you can tailor your campaigns specifically for them. 

This approach is highly effective because you get to analyse its effectiveness by looking at performance metrics and, according to the results, making changes and adjustments to your online marketing. 

By leveraging and using online advertising strategically, your tutoring business online or any tutor education business can get the attention of potential students, engaging them in your platform and allowing you to stand out in the competitive market.

Step 7: Promotions and Discounts

Who doesn’t love to save a few bucks in the ongoing inflation? In some situations, students are already on a very tight budget, so that you can introduce seasonal promotions or discounts for the new year. 

This is a highly effective strategy to recruit students to your tutoring education program. The urgency of limited-time offers or discounts creates a sense of urgency, making students take action. 

You can introduce limited-time offers like discounts or bundle course programs. To recruit international students, you can present discounts or offers specifically for them. The appeal of getting a deal creates compelling attention.

Furthermore, these offers allow you to make your tutor centre stand out from your competitors. By offering such discounts, you provide value to your tutoring program and affordability, which students will appreciate. 

Introduce special seasoned promotions or deals with a compelling call to action to recruit more students.

Step 8: Keep Monitoring and Improving Your Strategies

In the above points, we have listed some easy ways for you to recruit students. However, it would be best if you remained consistent in your efforts; you monitor and refine your strategies to determine the effectiveness and success of your efforts.

This can give you valuable insight if you have successfully been able to recruit students in the new year. Use performance key indicators like conversion rates, engagement metrics, and number of students recruited, including the recruitment of international students. 

These analytical insights allow you to make data-driven decisions and adjust strategies accordingly, such as refining online campaigns, adjusting website content, and optimizing your social media channels. 

This will allow you to continuously improve your tutoring services and status competitive and successfully recruit students.

To Sum It All Up…

To conclude, we have listed some of the best and easiest ways to recruit international and local students for the new year. Begin by evaluating and expanding your reach. Define the purpose and what sets your tutoring business online and tutoring centre apart from your competition. 

Start by revamping your existing website or making a new one from scratch. Make all the text SEO-optimized and add relevant information with a call to action. Host informational webinars and offer free trial sessions to recruit students. This powerful strategy will allow you to connect with students, communicate, and showcase the quality of your tutoring services. 

Strategic marketing, promotions, discounts, budget-friendly costs, and creating limited-time offers will create urgency amongst students. 

Lastly, continuous effort is required. Measure your success and decide what to change to recruit more students.

Educators, tutors, and tutor centres can leverage tools like Flowclass to enhance engagement and connectivity and become successful in their students’ recruiting efforts. Flowcalss is a platform that will allow you to become an expert in online tutoring and provide tutoring tips and courses.

The key is to use a dynamic approach so tutors and tutor centres can create a position and name for themselves in the competitive market.

In the comments section below, let us know if you have further strategies or tips to recruit more students.


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