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As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning become more prevalent, more and more businesses are using AI for marketing digitally. Businesses are using AI to personalize the user experience, optimize ad campaigns, and drive conversion rates of emails and social media posts. The rising demand for AI assistance has led to the bloom of AI marketing tools, ranging from AI data analytics to email writing AI.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular new AI marketing tools on the today. Whether you’re just getting started with AI or you’re looking to add to your toolkit, this post will give you plenty of options to consider. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

AI data analytics tools

AI can be highly beneficial when it comes to data analytics in the marketing realm. Here are 3 useful data analytics tools that employ AI:

1. Send timely emails – Seventh Sense

AI technology has become integral to modern marketing, and Seventh Sense seeks to capitalize on AI’s unmatched ability to automate email campaigns. Customers of Seventh Sense, such as SingTel and Intercorp, can quickly discover the best time to send out emails in order to maximize opens, clicks, and engagement with AI data analytics. The AI leverages customer data and external sources to determine the optimal timing for each recipient based on user behaviour, including past engagements and current digital activities. This feature makes Seventh Sense one of the most effective AI marketing tools for marketers to reach customers in a highly personalized way at the right time – all while keeping costs low with pricing plans starting at only USD 64.

2. Pop up in searches – Semrush

Semrush is an AI marketing tool that allows companies to strengthen their SEO and carry out AI data analytics with targeted keywords. From position tracking to content marketing, Semrush is an ideal solution for businesses hoping to increase their rankings in search engine queries using AI for marketing. By offering a wide range of features, users are able to gain insight into what keywords are vital for the success of their business. A prime example of this in action is the cosmetics brand Lush Cosmetics, which uses Semrush to access useful AI-generated information. Priced between USD 119 to 499, Semrush is an AI marketing tool that can truly transform the online presence of a business.

3. Collect data to make the right decision – Optimove


Optimove is an AI-based software tool that helps businesses make sense of customer data and generate actionable insights for their marketing campaigns. Companies like John Hardy, Sweaty Betty and The New York Racing Association Inc are leveraging the power of this AI marketing tool to optimize their marketing strategies. By AI data analytics, Optimove carefully collects information related to a customer’s preferences and behaviour and provides insightful data points that allow companies to create tailored content and effectively target customers. This allows them to deliver higher customer engagement, increased customer loyalty and stronger customer retention rates without wasting outreach efforts on unproductive activities. The effectiveness of this tool has been proven time and again by its satisfied users, who have seen significant improvements in their bottom line when using Optimove.


AI marketing tools for Content Creation – Email writing AI


AI for content creation can be a major advantage for brands due to its ability to create interesting content quickly and accurately. Below are two popular tools for content creation.

1. Create your brand language – Phrasee

Phrasee is at the forefront of AI trends in content optimization. This AI marketing tool provides AI-driven natural language generation tools to improve user experience and optimize a brand’s language. Customers hoping to boost engagement on their emails, Instagram, and Facebook accounts can turn to the cutting-edge AI technology created by Phrasee to create personalized content that speaks directly to their target audience more successfully than ever before. Companies like Virgin Holidays and Domino’s Pizza are users of Phrasee. Under the optimization of their brand language, the two companies have gained a significant increase in their exposure online.

2. Target who you want – harnesses AI to create content tailored specifically to consumers. The AI marketing tool can generate emails with personalized subject lines designed to grab customer attention. is already being used by large, successful companies like Facebook, Uber, and Stripe, and AI marketing is quickly becoming something no serious marketer should do without. Pricing for the use of the AI is flexible, ranging from USD 49 to 299 or more, depending on your needs. This email writing AI might be a game-changer for your company’s marketing strategy!

3. Our experience in using AI marketing – is an AI marketing tool to automate content marketing and it has proven to be very efficient at generating high-quality product descriptions and marketing content quickly. Through its natural language processing, it is able to create content that feels authentic as generated by an experienced professional. Furthermore, editing the AI-generated text is automated as well, so companies need not spend extra time out of our workflow process. We, Flowclass have been using for marketing quite a while and it has allowed higher productivity in our marketing work. has enabled us to streamline our content creation and improved the overall efficiency of our marketing campaigns.

Why should you use AI in marketing?

For content creation,

1. AI for marketing takes the unnecessary manual labour out of creating content for marketing purposes. AI algorithms automate tedious tasks, such as fact-checking or verifying sources.

2. AI for marketing has the capability to cross-check large amounts of data and synthesize it into valuable insights.

3. Having AI marketing tools create content can significantly reduce errors, provide increased scalability while protecting brand image, and accelerate the speed of content distribution.

4. AI for marketing reduces costs related to third-party services, allowing brands to focus on delivering engaging stories without compromising their overarching mission.

For data analytics,

1. AI for marketing can quickly and accurately process data from millions of possible customer touchpoints, generate insights and then provide tailored recommendations for creating the best possible experience for a particular customer or audience segment.

2. AI marketing tools enable marketers to identify underlying customer trends in their information sources and strengthen personalization efforts.

3. AI for marketing helps marketers easily customize their products or services, helping to cut operational costs, increase efficiency, remain competitive in the marketplace, and ultimately drive sales.

4. AI data analytics provides precise predictions. Eliminating human error, the use of AI marketing tools leads to customer satisfaction and more successful marketing campaigns.

Are there any concerns in using AI for marketing?

While many companies have seen great results by utilizing AI marketing tools, risks can be embedded in the use of AI for marketing. Here are 3 concerns in using AI marketing tools.

  1. Complexity and unpredictability AI for marketing can be unpredictable and difficult to understand. Data cannot always be interpreted accurately. This can lead to poor decision-making and costly mistakes.

2. Ethical concerns Ethical implications must be taken into consideration when implementing AI for marketing purposes – such as fairness, privacy, and data access inequalities.

3. High price in usage AI marketing solutions can come at high prices and may not offer good value for money. Small businesses may not benefit from the use of AI for marketing.

How to start using AI tools in marketing?

There are some simple steps that any business can take to get up and running with AI quickly and easily. By following these tips, you can be on your way to harness the power of AI marketing tools in no time!

1. Research AI marketing tools to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

2. Set goals for what you want to achieve with these AI marketing tools, such as increased conversion rates or improved customer service.

3. Design a strategy for using an AI marketing tool in your business, taking into account how it will fit into existing workflow processes and practices.

4. Evaluate potential benefits of using an AI marketing tool, such as cost savings or productivity gains VS traditional methods of doing tasks manually or through other software applications/platforms.

5. Implement the chosen AI solution by carrying out the necessary training and setting up data integration processes if needed.

6. Monitor results closely so they can be adjusted quickly when needed.


To sum up, AI for marketing offer a major advantage to businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategies. These digital tools can help automate complex processes associated with data analytics and content creation, freeing up resources for other areas of the business. These technology-based solutions are not fool-proof, but through careful implementation and consideration of potential vulnerabilities, businesses may reap the rewards that come from incorporating artificial intelligence into their marketing efforts.

Ultimately, AI marketing tools could be the tipping point in providing a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether businesses choose to implement them or not is ultimately up to them; however, as more and more companies witness the power of AI-driven solutions, there may soon be an expectation of integrating this technology into your operations.



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