Chegg Tutors Review: How Do Chegg Tutoring Live Sessions Work

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Are you curious about how Chegg Tutoring live sessions work? This article is an in-depth review of Chegg Tutors, a popular online tutoring platform, highlighting how students can benefit from this service and the tutors who make it possible.

If you’re here, this means you’ve heard about Chegg Tutors and you’re curious how this whole live tutoring thing works, huh?

Well, you’re in the right place! We’ll tell you about this LIVE tutoring thing, that was created for the online boom on the Internet, for everyone combating the COVID-19 virus starting in 2019.

Chegg Tutors is an online platform where you can connect with real, live tutors to get help with your homework, study for exams, or just brush up on a tricky subject. This is a platform for beginners who are starting out and need some place to host their site.

At the end of this article, we also have a small BONUS for you, in terms of hosting your courses as an owner. So keep reading…

In this article, we’re going to give you an understanding of how do Chegg Tutoring live sessions work. We’ll cover everything from how to schedule a session, what to expect during the tutoring, and how you can benefit from this cool online tool.

Understanding the Chegg Tutoring Platform

Let’s start with a simple understanding of what exactly is this platform and how it’s impacting millions of lives that we would also like to appreciate, considering the work it did when we were not there.

Chegg Tutors is an online tutoring service offered by Chegg, a platform known for its textbook rental and homework help services. The platform offers personalized learning through one-on-one live tutoring sessions with qualified tutors. 

Students can access a wide range of tutors who can help with various subjects and test preparation.

Chegg Tutors is a great option for students who want to enhance their understanding of different subjects and seek homework help from the comfort of their homes. For tutors, it has some limitations as to go with their business, where we work as an alternative. 

Let’s not waste any time, and land straight into learning about the working of Chegg tutoring LIVE sessions…

How to Start a Live Session on Chegg Tutors?

To start a live tutoring session on Chegg, students need to select a tutor from the platform’s pool of qualified tutors. They can choose a tutor based on their expertise, availability, and the subject they need help with.

Once a tutor is selected, students can initiate a live one-on-one session using the platform’s interactive whiteboard and video chat features. This means that this is the showtime stuff. Aster everything is almost done and set up, it’s how the tutor and student meet and start working together. 

Meanwhile, looking for the exact steps??? Worry not we are here!

Here are the steps to start a live session on Chegg Tutors:
1. Log in to your Chegg Tutors account.
2. Go to the “My Dashboard” section.
3. Look for the “Live Lessons” tab and click on it.
4. Click on the “Start a new live lesson” button.
5. Set the date and time for your live session.
6. Choose the subject and topic you will be tutoring.
7. Enter a brief description of what the session will cover.
8. Click on the “Start Lesson” button to begin the live session.
9. Make sure your audio and video settings are working properly before starting the session.
10. Once the session has started, engage with the student and provide the necessary support and guidance.
11. End the live session by clicking on the “End Session” button when it is complete.

These steps will help you start and successfully end a live session as a tutor on Chegg Tutors. No rocket science, just simple 11 steps.

We will discuss more about what’s needed to make those sessions a bigger success. If you want to learn more about our top tips for hosting your first online tutoring session, click here.

Navigating through a Live Tutoring Session

Image for the blog post showing the screenshot of a live session from Chegg tutors
Live Tutoring of Brittany C.

Apart from starting the tutoring session, the next important thing that makes all the difference in learning is – ENGAGEMENT.

During a live tutoring session, students and tutors can collaborate in various ways, which includes using the interactive whiteboard, video chat feature, sharing instant feedback for your student/s, etc.

Below are some tips for you to navigate through a live tutoring session:

1. Identify the Learning Objectives: At the beginning of the session, discuss with the tutor the topics that you are struggling with or want to improve on. They can then tailor the session to specifically address these issues.
2. Use The Whiteboard: The whiteboard is a highly interactive tool. Tutors may use it to illustrate concepts, show problem-solving methods, or explain things visually. As a student, you should equally make use of it to demonstrate your understanding or indicate areas where you are struggling.
3. Engage in Active Dialogue: Optimum learning occurs through dialogue rather than passive listening. Hence, make sure you voice your doubts, ask questions, or ask the tutor to slow down or repeat if something is unclear to you.
4. Utilize The Chat Box: The chat box is another great tool for engagement. You can use it to ask questions, share thoughts, or clarify doubts without interrupting your tutor.
5. Video Call: Even though it isn’t compulsory, turning on your video can foster a more personal bond with the tutor. However, if you’re uncomfortable doing so, a voice call works fine too.
6. Share Documents: Many live tutoring platforms offer the feature to share documents or screens. You can share your assignments, study materials, and more for a far more effective and collaborative learning experience.
7. Instant feedback: At the end of the session, make sure to give feedback to your tutor. Let them know what worked and what did not. This will help them adjust their teaching style to your learning needs for future sessions.

These are some ways you can enjoy educating people in an engaging and useful way, as keeping attention in online classes is ain’t easy. There are many more strategies that you can use in the future, but this is enough for you to make a great start, and you’ll love experimenting with them.

The Role of a Chegg Tutor in a Live Session

Chegg’s tutors play a crucial role in live sessions by providing individualized attention to each student. They help students understand complex concepts, assist with homework and assignments, and offer guidance for test preparation.

The tutors’ expertise and personalized approach contribute to an effective learning experience for the students. You can employ online tools and resources to make the study session engaging and interactive.

blog graphics showing The Role of a Chegg Tutor in a Live Session

During a live session, a Chegg tutor usually performs numerous tasks, including listening and understanding your audience’s problems, evaluating them, or helping them solve them with immediate feedback, etc.

Every teacher has their own personalized approach to teaching, but they need to know about the various ways they can educate to make it the best session of all time, every time they sit back for a new session.

Have a look at the various roles you can play during a LIVE session. Go through the topics first and read which you’re interested to learn more about:

1. Listening and Understanding the Problem: In the beginning, the tutor talks to the students to understand their academic struggles.
2. Evaluation: After understanding the student’s problem, they assess his/her knowledge about the topic. This helps the tutor identify gaps in learning that need to be addressed.
3. Clarifying Doubts: The Tutor’s main aim is to clarify any doubts regarding the subject. They explain complex theories, principles, formulas, or problems using simple and understandable language.
4. Providing Homework Assistance: The tutor helps students with homework, assignments, case studies, or essays.
5. Test Preparation: They give practice questions and tips to prepare students for exams or tests.
6. Giving Feedback: Tutors provide constructive feedback to help students improve their academic performance.
7. Motivating and Encouraging: Besides academic support, tutors also play the role of motivators. They inspire students to be confident, instill a passion for learning, and encourage them to take on challenges.
8. Fostering Independent Learning: They equip students with problem-solving skills and strategies to promote independent learning.
9. Tracking Student Progress: Tutors monitor the progress of students regularly to ensure they are understanding and applying lessons learned.
10. Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment: Chegg tutors ensure that live sessions are conducted in an environment where students feel safe, respected, and free to express their ideas or concerns.

Those are the ways you can change your approach during a session. I know it’s a lot of stuff, but we tried our best to help you become aware of all the various ways possible. No need to read them all, you can save them and read them whenever you need to revise them. 

After all, the ultimate goal of a tutor is to promote academic success in students. Your personalized attention to each student contributes significantly to making the live sessions beneficial and rewarding. A WIN-WIN for both!

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Chegg Tutors is a valuable online tutoring platform that provides students with access to qualified tutors and personalized learning experiences, though it has some limitations for tutors.

What’s important here is you got to learn more about:

  1. What Chegg Tutors exactly is? (basic stuff)
  2. How to start a LIVE session on Chegg?
  3. Various ways to navigate inside the LIVE session, and
  4. The role of Chegg tutors in a LIVE session

That’s it. Anyone who has read this article nicely is good to go with their first session and make it better and better with time an info given in this blog post.

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