Deepstash – Make good use of the fragmented time for continuous progress

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For learning English well, I believe no one will object to more exposure to these three words.

But at the same time, many students would say that English books are so thick and boring, and the words are so small and deep that it is difficult to read them seriously.

For this problem, we introduce a mobile app to you today, so that you can make good use of your spare time every day (for example, taking a ride, training or even for a big event) to read English and learn new knowledge painlessly.

Deepstash (iOS / Android)

Apple iOS downloadClick here
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It is totally free! Let’s click the link

The concept of the Deepstash app is that curators share useful information with users on a variety of topics, such as

  • Health
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-improvement, etc.

You can choose the topic you are interested in to follow

The words used in each paragraph of information are not very difficult to read, and the app is so thoughtful that the information is divided into paragraphs that can be read in a few minutes.

For example ?

(the picture is the web version, with the mobile version of the interface is similar)

Important information will be highlighted for you in advance to make it easier to read, and you can save the information after reading it (called stash in the app).

Then over time you will build up a database of information that will help you learn English, improve your learning ability and become a better version of yourself!

The app will suggest you to watch at least 5 paragraphs of information every day, I believe this amount is really easy for everyone to achieve!

Let’s pick up your phone, download the app and kick-off your daily journey to make use of your spare time to make progress!

Apple iOS download click here

Google Play Store download click here

About the writer:

Mr. F

Master of Arts in English

With nearly ten years of full-time teaching and tutoring experience, he has taught at local universities, colleges and famous English schools.

Former member of the College and Career Counselling Team, with a good understanding of local college pathways

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