What do Students Look For in an Online Tutor?

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In the age of the internet, students are turning more and more to online platforms to find the academic assistance they need. The shift from traditional, in-person tutoring to online tutoring services has opened a world of opportunities for both tutors and students alike. But aside from the convenience factor, what do students look for in an online tutor exactly?

After doing a ton of research with similar articles, videos, and one course on this topic, I have found something that actually answers this question in both an objective and descriptive manner for all you online tutors. 

I know this is something that every teacher wants the answer to, or needs in general, for the best of their students and also for their teaching career. I can just say that either this is going to be quite to the point or the closest answer in an informative article or you to read. 

So please keep reading, to get the REAL juice I have prepared below…

What do Students Look for in an Online Tutor?

For this question to be answered, we need to go to the point where we understand what tutors CAN actually do for their students, that works best for their education and life.

This is something that both tutors and students are in search of online. They (you may) want some good data or statistics or factors to try to work on for becoming a better teacher.

So, allow me to help you understand what’s still working for students in this virtual online world of chaos and confusion.

The best objective answer to this question is that:Students look for an online tutor who is knowledgeable, patient, tech-savvy, and adaptable with excellent communication skills, fostering a positive and personalized learning experience, where the student is understood in the best manner.

This gives us a reason to learn more about the diverse demands of the students…

Let’s start by exploring the general characteristics that students look for in an Online tutor to meet their diverse demands.

Top 7 Key Qualities of a Good Online Tutor

A competent online tutor exhibits a mix of traits that go beyond academic qualifications. They demonstrate patience, effective communication, enthusiasm, and empathy, especially when tackling intricate math problems or complex subject areas. 

Their desire to help students learn and grow is palpable, making each tutoring session a transformative experience.

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To become a tutor, you must meet certain criteria. You need to possess expertise in the subject area you plan to tutor, typically indicated by a degree or significant tutoring experience. 

Moreover, online tutoring jobs require a reliable internet connection and technology savviness to navigate online tutoring platforms smoothly.

1. Subject Expertise: The most fundamental aspect is the tutor’s knowledge and expertise in the subject the student seeks help with. A competent online tutor must have a strong command of the subject matter, enabling them to explain complex concepts with EASE.

2. Effective Communication Skills: A good online tutor should possess excellent communication skills, as the virtual learning environment relies heavily on clear and concise explanations. Tutors must be able to articulate ideas effectively and adapt their communication style to suit each student’s needs.

3. Adaptability and Patience: Flexibility and patience are crucial qualities for an online tutor. Each student learns at their own pace, and a skilled tutor should be adaptable in their teaching methods, catering to the student’s learning speed and style.

4. Reliability and Punctuality: Students look for tutors who are reliable and punctual in delivering their tutoring sessions. A tutor’s commitment to scheduled sessions builds trust and consistency in the learning process. And this is liked by the parents part too, that their child gets back to study on time when the tutor is LIVE on time.

5. Technological Proficiency: Students nowadays expect their tutors to be comfortable with various online platforms, video conferencing tools, and interactive resources. A tutor who can navigate through digital resources seamlessly can enhance the overall virtual learning experience and create an engaging atmosphere. It’s just about getting smoother with the virtual space.

6. Goal-Oriented and Results-Driven: Effective online tutoring is not solely about teaching concepts; it is also about guiding students toward their academic goals. Students appreciate tutors who are goal-oriented and focused on achieving tangible results. Setting realistic milestones, tracking progress, and celebrating achievements together can motivate students to stay committed and excel in their studies.

7. Teaching Style: Every student responds differently to various teaching styles. Some may prefer interactive sessions, while others may thrive in a more structured approach. Evaluating the tutor’s teaching style is crucial to ensure it aligns with the student’s learning preferences.

By embodying these qualities, you as tutors can unlock the full potential of virtual learning and empower students to thrive academically and beyond in their future endeavors.

After these diverse key qualities, it all comes down to getting a deeper understanding of students, which is where personalized online tutoring comes into action.

How Personalised Online Tutoring Can Improve Learning?

Personalized online tutoring services offer a one-on-one approach that is often more effective than group-sized or traditional tutoring methods. 

This method allows tutors to customize learning paths according to individual students’ needs, helping students to grasp subject matter at their own pace and reinforcing understanding.

And you know it’s not just about a specific thing like learning paths, as Azul Terronez said it best about great teachers, “Great teachers know that their students have a life outside the class.”

Quote of Azul Terronez

It’s about getting deeper with students and helping them by understanding the obstacles in their learning paths in real-time.

Try to connect with the low-performing ones (specifically) in a personal way and understand what exactly are the problems they are facing outside the online classes and try to fix them with time.

The main game for a tutor to get from good to great is psychology.

They understand their students based on their stats, behavior, and problems in life, as after all a tutor’s work is to help the students outside the school in the best way possible for them in grasping the knowledge and educate them with real values in life.

It’s only for the pros who can work on this after clearing all the general key qualities of what a tutor has.

Lastly, let’s also talk about places to apply for in the online world to kickstart your online tutoring journey if you haven’t yet.

Top 10 Best Online Tutoring Platforms for Tutor Jobs

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, online tutoring platforms have become a thriving hub for both aspiring and experienced tutors. 

These platforms not only offer convenience and flexibility but also open up a vast array of opportunities to share knowledge and expertise with students from around the world. If you’re looking to embark on a rewarding journey as an online tutor, you can try exploring the best tutoring platforms to apply for tutor jobs. 

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Let’s delve into some of the top-rated online tutoring platforms, where you can find some diverse opportunities to share your knowledge with students and earn a living online:

  • VIPKid: VIPKid focuses on teaching English to students in China. It offers flexible teaching hours and provides all the necessary teaching materials.
  • Chegg Tutors: Chegg Tutors covers various subjects, and tutors can work on a wide range of topics. It allows tutors to set their own schedules and offers competitive pay.
  • Wyzant: Wyzant connects tutors with students seeking personalized learning across various subjects and academic levels.
  • Tutor.com: Tutor.com, one of the best places in the international part, offers tutoring services for a wide array of subjects, including math, science, and languages. It provides 24/7 availability, making it convenient for both tutors and students.
  • Preply: Preply focuses on language tutoring, offering opportunities for tutors to teach various languages to learners worldwide.
  • Teachable: While not strictly a tutoring platform, Teachable allows educators to create and sell online courses on a wide range of topics.
  • Skooli: Skooli offers tutoring services for K-12 subjects and provides a virtual classroom environment for effective online teaching.
  • TutorVista: TutorVista hires tutors to provide help in math, science, and English subjects, catering to students globally.
  • TutorMe: TutorMe covers a broad range of subjects and provides on-demand tutoring sessions.
  • Brainfuse: Brainfuse offers tutoring services for students of all ages, including K-12 and college-level subjects.

Remember that each platform may have specific requirements and application processes, so be sure to review their terms and conditions, as well as their payment policies, to find the one that best fits your expertise and preferences. 

And try to apply to 3 or more websites to get some good options to go with. This is important both in terms of diverse options to choose from which you like and also which works best for you in financial choices too. 

You can also opt to create a personal website of yours with zero hassle and use it to have total control and flexibility on your content and offer for the students with FlowClass as seen in the sidebar of this page.

We’ll have talked more about how to collect online payments in the tutoring part in another article that you can check out here.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the quest for an exceptional online tutor revolves around finding a knowledgeable, patient, tech-savvy, and adaptable mentor with excellent communication skills, as these qualities foster a positive and personalized learning experience, empowering students to thrive academically and reach their full potential in the virtual realm of education.

Selecting the right online tutor is a critical decision that can significantly impact a student’s academic journey. 

By understanding the key qualities that students look for in an online tutor and considering various factors during the selection process, tutors can understand what they need to work on to become the best one in their field. 

Embracing the benefits of online tutoring, such as interactive learning tools, and exploring reputable platforms will empower students to embark on a successful learning journey, driven by qualified tutors and effective teaching techniques. 

Remember, with the right online tutor, educational success is just a virtual classroom away!

So as a tutor, you need to keep these points in mind and keep working on yourself to become a better tutor in terms of knowledge and a person who can understand their students well.

Some of the points that you can take away from this article as CTA are:

  • Tutors should possess subject expertise and be able to explain complex concepts clearly.
  • Flexibility and patience are crucial to cater to individual learning styles and paces.
  • Being tech-savvy and navigating online platforms smoothly is essential.
  • Tutors must set realistic goals, track progress, and focus on achieving results.
  • Personalized online tutoring allows for customized learning paths based on individual needs.
  • Understanding students on a deeper level fosters effective support and guidance.
  • Reputable online tutoring platforms offer diverse opportunities for tutors to share their knowledge and expertise.

FAQ Section – Common Questions of Online Tutors

1. How do I choose the best online tutor?

Consider the tutor’s subject expertise, teaching style, and student reviews before making a decision.

2. What qualifications should an online tutor have?

Look for tutors with relevant academic qualifications and teaching experience.

3. How much does online tutoring usually cost?

Pricing varies based on the tutor’s expertise and the subject being taught with considerations of fees taken in the industry.

4. How do online tutoring sessions work?

Online tutoring sessions are conducted via video conferencing platforms, allowing real-time interaction.

5. What are some tips for making the most of online tutoring?

Stay committed, communicate openly with the tutor, and actively participate in the sessions.

6. Do online tutors provide help with homework assignments?

Yes, many online tutors offer assistance with homework and assignments.


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